Yay some positivity again. I love the fact, Sean, that you so often point out the positives and blessings in our lives. Sad so many negative folk like to share their negativity to pull others down to their level. The sheer blessing of waking each morning, the trees, birds, and Gods countless blessings chase away all negative thoughts. My husband is late stage Alzheimer’s, and yes, I had my down days and weeks, but I came to realise It is what it Is, deal with it and look at the blessing of 60 years together, the ups and downs, the benefits of traveling many places due to his work. Nothing to be sad or sorrowful for. A great family and so much more. As the Swahili saying, now famous, goes, Hakuna Matata. Smile and the world smiles with you. God bless each and every one of your readers and of course you and Jamie and the dogs.

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"One love, one heart..., Let's get together and feel alright." Dark chocolate crumbled into vanilla ice cream. Okeh, man. By the way, Bob Marley wrote that upbeat song when Jamaica was sharply divided about an upcoming election. It did help bring people together and prevent some bad things from happening.

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This is my fourth story I've selected from the many, many choices presented to a new Substack reader. I was reminded of walking the shoreline looking for a whole sand dollar. They are tricky to find 'cause with some part being covered with sand, you have to almost pick up each one. Usually, it's not whole.

I haven't a clue who to pick to read, I've read soo many authors blurbs about their offerings.

Reading this story made my heart smile. I felt great about my pick just like the happiness of finding a whole sand dollar. Thank you.

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PONE, interesting story bout the origins of the word Okey. Yous in the "feel good" bidness, and you do a dang good job of it. O course we all know there are plenty of serious problems in the world, and I know you do too. I guess most folks tend to fixate on the bad and take the good for granted, at least while making conversation. More fun to talk about or "git the sap rising." Yor gift is making good stories fun or emotionally engaging. But yet and still, we still all gotta deal with life's realities... I'm wid chew Bud!

"Either you deal with what is the reality, or you can be sure that the reality is going to deal with you."

- Alex Haley

Your friend,


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Chocolate makes everything more than ok. And Sean, your writing is way beyond ok.

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I think okeh is different in every family. In mine..it’s thumb twiddling on the front porch and a fresh pound cake every Sunday…..an affirmation that things will be okeh…

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One of my favorite preachers frequently said,”Blessed is he who expecteth nothing for he shall not be disappointed!” We shouldn’t allow negativity to dominate our thoughts! Okeh?

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Don’t tell your wife, but I just love you. God really gave you the gift of gab and writing it down so everyone can understand it. There is good everywhere if you just open your eyes and look. OK?

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Good morning and happy Friday to all yall. Well Sean allow me to teach you something that I didn't accept until i was a senior citizen. So here it is...

Wait now what the hell was it...

I can't remember.

My point is that I look for the good things in life, in people and in the things I read and watch. I ain't got time for the bad stuff. Been there and got the shirts.

Thats why I look forward to reading Sean's stuff and yall,s comments. Remind me to tell yall about the best beer in the world. Lets have another cupajoe and maybe one little square of Hershey,s


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Anyone of us can have our personal feelings about everything going on in our country today, but, IF it's so bad, WHY are millions of immigrants paying thousands of $s and traveling hundreds, experiencing untold hardship up to and including death at times, and thousands of miles to come here! It's because our bad is not as bad as what they left. They want to come to the greatest country on Earth. My Grannie always said, " if you think you've got it bad, just look around and you'll see someone else who has it worse." I'm BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED to have been born in the country I was born in, to the family I was born in, and at the time God chose to put me here! As many complaints as I could come up with I can name many more good things, blessings, just as you did, Sean! Thank you for always bringing the focus back to the positive!!!!

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Okeh and Amen❣️

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Or look in the faces of a sleeping grandchild nestled in your arms or hear the purr of a feral cat that is now at home in your house with a full belly. Neither one of those are fattening like chocolate. God Bless you!

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Beautiful Sean, beautiful!!!! You’re the master of “feel good”! Thanks for so much!

I wrote about my bipolar condition the other day. I did that to help Sean’s 9 year old letter writer. I just wanted to add asking y’all to please let me know if something that I post bothers you in any way. Don’t be afraid to be honest with me.

Writing is hard.

To be mentally healthy, I need to be mentally challenged. Posting here certainly does that. My website does that too. You should see it. I think you’ll love it! But I tend to fret over my work about offending others that I don’t want to offend. Or giving a wrong impression from my intention which is simply to help others on the web. I can develop manic depressive triggers by fretting. So I work to fret less.

Communicating with web friends is good therapy that builds strong bipolar brain muscles. My writing helps me. Your posting replies and likes here helps me. I get lots of help. I’m hopeful that I’m helping you too.

I’ve decided to include my website link with my Sean of the South’s comments going forward. I’m not advertising or selling anything. I just hope you visit. And I hope you are bolstered and uplifted during your visit… that’s all. I hope my website helps in the battle against chaos just a fraction of how Sean’s work does.


Ed - or you can call me Bear… just don’t call me late to supper! 🐻❤️


Casting Art to the Net

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Reminding me of the following song lyrics by Bob Marley-

“Everything's gonna be alright

Everything's gonna be alright

And nobody's gotta worry 'bout nothing

Don't go hittin' that panic button

It ain't worth spilling your drink

Everything's gonna be alright

Alright, alright”

This morning is definitely a no worries & everything’s gonna be alright kinda day. I will be celebrating my granddaughter’s 11 birthday with six of her closest girl friends after school. They’re having a pizza party with pizza from Screamin’ Mimi’s, Coca Cola, homemade brownies. They will also be lots of giggling, gossiping, talking fashion, & watching movies until late into the night.

I mean what more could a Nana ask for💗

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Chocolate, dancing grandpas, all night singing, the beautiful Gulf, and Gaither homecomings… Every last bit of this sounds more than O.K. to me. Everything always works with a little change of perspective. ❤️

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…and a lot more Sean of the South!!


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